Vacation Operating Itself

Travel Directions

Travel Directions

In the Works Cardiogram bracelet based on my personal reading. This is version 1 (cuff) of 2 (bangles to come). Check back for the finished piece. I expect that it’s going to make the most beautiful of weapons.

December 7th, 2013 (3-5 a.m.)

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1780: 18 Days Without You | Anne Sexton

Then I think of you in bed,
your tongue half chocolate, half ocean,
of the houses that you swing into,
of the steel wool hair on your head,
of your persistent hands and then
how we gnaw at the barrier because we are two.

How you come and take my blood cup
and link me together and take my brine.
We are bare. We are stripped to the bone
and we swim in tandem and go up and up
the river, the identical river called Mine
and we enter together. No one’s alone.


Audio Engineer Elaine Jones
Vocals Bernadette Torres


I HAVE NO SHAME. I am seeing a life coach and my first assignment was to do ten drawings with my left hand. I began with women I have known, moved on with an inconsequential doodle, played with my face in the mirror and morphed into a sailor with a heart tattoo, was greeted by an old french woman from the streets of New York and ended with a rudimentary visual outline of The Alchemist. Once again, I repeat, I HAVE NO SHAME. This shit is all giggles.